Stevenson Children’s Camp has a great campaign called “Send a Kid to Camp”.  For $365 or only $1 a day  you can sponsor an underprivileged child in your community. All the proceeds from this campaign go to support the costs associated sending a child to camp. “Send a Kid to Camp” can be done as a one-time donation or smaller monthly donations, whatever is easiest for you.

By making a donation to Stevenson Children’s Camp you are supporting our summer camp program. This program is accessible and affordable to all families in need, the referral process and partnerships with community resource centres and organizations ensure that it is available to everyone. You are investing in a healthy community by supporting our children.

The Stevenson Children’s Camp plays its part in helping to turn around the cycle of poverty by providing a positive experience to underprivileged children who have the opportunity to master innovative skills and make new friends through the gift of a summer camp experience

Providing children with positive social and recreational opportunities are key in preparing them for future success. The camp experience assists in providing families who are struggling with poverty, violence or mental health issues by providing a accessible program for their child to participate in. The week long experience provides support, respite and or relief which helps reduce crisis and
stress within the family.

Donations to Stevenson Children’s Camp (Charity Registration # 13072 4578 RR0001) can be now be made online using credit card or PayPal. Donations can be made as a one-time gift by clicking on the Donate button. We also offer the opportunity to Sponsor a Child to go to Camp, by clicking on the Subscribe button. Sponsoring a child to camp will pre-authorize a monthly donation of $30 for 12 months.

If you are making a donation in memory of a friend or loved one,  please add their name  in the memo section so that we can keep track of donations received for the family of the deceased.

Click on the “Donate” button to make a one-time donation

Click on the “Subscribe” button to Sponsor a Child to Camp

12 montlly pre-authorized donations of $30 each

If you prefer you may can also make a donation by cash, money order,cheques using Click **here** to download donations form if not donating online