Camp 2020

It is a sad day that we have to announce that we will NOT be running a camp session for the summer of 2020. We have had many discussions but it has come down to weather we believe we can safely operate with Covid-19 still as prevalent as it is. Camper safety has always been our number 1 priority and we see no way to operate that can guarantee that an outbreak won’t occur at camp. Summer camps and social distance just don’t go together and it would be almost impossible to ensure that the standards are meant.

We will instead use this summer to update our procedures to ensure we can continue to the highest standard of camping. If funding will allow we will also try to tackle some of the capital project that have been put on the back burner while camps are in session


The government of Ontario has made and announcement that residential camps will not be able to open this summer. This is due to the sheer volume of kids that end up living together in close quarters. We continue to prepare for the 2021 season